Safety and Environmental Information

At 3DG8, product safety, compliance, and sustainability are integral to our mission to integrate 3D printing into education.

Our Environmental Impact

We provide and empower 3D printing as a technology of the future. 3D printing has a positive environmental impact since it could eventually allow consumers and businesses to produce products en masse at or near their points of consumption and with reduced waste. 

Social Accountability

We uphold high standards for responsible and ethical business practices. We are working and advancing with our partners and customers to positively impact society, in particular on the next generation.

Supplier Responsibility

We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards for labor and human rights protections, health and safety in the workplace, environmental practices, and the responsible sourcing of materials.

Safe Products

Our products fulfill environmental criteria including compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Eco-friendly 3D Printers

Our printers are highly energy-efficient, space-saving, and fast. Thanks to Stealth chop technology 3d printers are ultra-silent for not polluting environment with noise. We strive to make them from renewable materials.

‘Green’ Consumables

Our company use and sell only one type of plastics – PLA. PLA is a corn-based renewable type of thermoplastic material. It produces considerably less toxic emissions during the printing stage than other materials.