3D Printing in Schools Program

3D printing in primary education

As 3D printing continues to grow in relevance and application across industries, students with exposure to and experience with 3D printers are readied for the workforce with employable skills.

Primary school is an excellent stage to begin developing skills in this area. With a lilM8, kids’ imaginations have a creative space to be expressed into the real world. Mixing creativity with learning provides a more enriched class with kids who are excited to learn.

Ease and availability

Until now, 3D printing has only been available in a limited capacity with complex installation and set-up. Large and bulky machines costing thousands of dollars can be frustratingly hard to use. Sadly, many educators experienced disappointment in poorly-optimised machines and little to no support.

The team at 3DG8 would like to see this trend changed. With advancements in tech and a team that cares, the lilM8 printer was created to provide an option that worked. The unit’s easy-to-use interface and straightforward operation mean that any individual can access this technology.

We take the time to ensure every single 3D printer is classroom-ready. Maintenance and filament changes are also streamlined, with minimal effort required. The holistic 3D printing service we provide is designed with your user experience in mind.

Benefits of using a 3D printer in education

With an increased focus on STEM in education, passionate teachers endeavor to help their primary students understand and enjoy lessons. While curriculums remain the same or similar, the technological avenues for presenting these lessons have continued to grow. 3D printing, when utilized in the classroom, can bring excitement into learning through deeper engagement with the subject matter.

Alongside its STEM teaching abilities, the lilM8 printer also facilitates creativity and imagination in kids, when they see what is possible in bringing their ideas to life. This interactive option triggers an enthusiasm that is hard to come by and is an invaluable tool in teaching, creating a rewarding classroom experience for both students and teachers alike.

3D across learning styles and abilities

The impact of physical objects in teaching primary students should not be underestimated! With a 3D printer in the classroom, students can step away from dry and dull textbooks for a more dynamic learning experience. Students with tactile learning styles particularly benefit, potentially helping less focused students to participate. Students with visual impairment can receive customized 3D models to assist in their learning journey, providing greater opportunities to engage with topics. This form of next-generation teaching can leverage the abilities of 3D printing to create an interactive and fun earning experience in primary schools.


Foundations for STEM

Creating engaging STEM-based experiences for students earlier in schooling builds interest in STEM fields. This early exposure and familiarity with STEM concepts open up a world of learning to students, fuelling curiosity for greater exploration of these topics and skills. Experience through more meaningful connections with STEM topics in an accessible and approachable way will see students open their minds to new possibilities, and create individuals who are not afraid to try new things.


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