3D Printing in higher education

Illustrating abstract concepts

One of the main uses of 3D printing in higher education is to print models as visual and tactile learning aids. This delivers information to the student in a more interesting and memorable way than textbooks in any area of study.

Take education higher

The use of 3D printers in education is growing rapidly at all levels. Many teachers and professors are incorporating 3D/CAD design into their curriculums, in a wide range of subjects and learning applications.

Schools with accessible and easy-to-use 3D printing technology can effectively prepare students for a changing workforce that demands critical thinking and collaborative skills.

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Applications of 3D printing in tertiary education


Creating a hands-on learning environment

Students have more fun in class when the learning material involves their participation. Spending time in class looking at slides or textbook pages can only do so much to pique their interest and hold their attention. 3D printing makes learning active, empowering students to use critical thinking skills in creating their models.

There is an array of uses for 3D printing across academic disciplines: biology students can print organs, chemistry students can study 3D printed molecules, graphic design students can create 3D versions of their art, history students can print historical artifacts, and architecture students can print 3D models of their building designs.

Empower creativity and innovation

Creative skills are not only underestimated but critical to the development of a successful student. Creativity is the mode by which new ideas and novel solutions arise, and is essential to thrive in this changing world. In a more literal sense, students can apply their artistic creativity in the painting of printed 3D models for art classes.