3DG8 Story

We Provide 3D Printing to the Education Sector

3DG8 is a young, dynamic company with a range of goods and services. Our aim is to establish 3D printing as the cornerstone of modern teaching aids. We help expand and promote 3D printing into the educational process.

Who We Are?

3DG8 was founded in 2021 as a passion project, and eventually registered as 3DG8 PTY LTD when schools started contacting us. Our founder started a project to make 3D printing accessible and easy to learn for children. People from all over started to join the project, all with a committed attitude to supporting educators and educational institutions in helping people acquire skills in 3D creativity and related technologies.

Our Mission

To be the first gateway into the land of 3D technology.

3DG8 Strategy

Our core strategy is running workshops that engage kids and get them excited by the technology. Excitement is a great motivator for learning and provides a spark to let creative minds imagine possibilities. We support teachers with the resources they need to maximise the potential of 3D printing as a teaching resource, giving them an helping hand to boost engagement with kids at an ultra low cost.

The Сompany’s Approach and Method

Our approach is designed to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing in classrooms and living rooms by providing learning resources and tools designed for younger minds.

For any innovation to be adopted broadly it needs to be accessible and easy to learn, especially for children. So we created our own standard so that 3D creativity is as simple as Download, Select, Make. We support people through workshops so that they can help share an accurate knowledge with others and spread the skills throughout all demograpics.

We are developing technology to help us meet this standard without overcomplicating things, and hence why it’s call 3DG8 (3D Gate), its meant to be a simple gateway you pass through, and the first steps on an exciting road of technology and creativity. Our ultimate aim is to spread innovation by connecting people from different parts of the world, enabling them to share ideas and innovations you can make yourself without needing to re-model, re-slice, or re-calibrate. 

Our founder believes that with 3D printing technology and the maturation of the Hyper-Localised Manufacturing movement, the number of new products, styles and variations shared by people on any given day will far exceed a full year worth of innovations in the current market, and could be the birth of a new type of industry. 

Meet Our Team

The extensive knowledge and expertise of the 3DG8 team are the industry’s best standard. Our relentless focus on innovation ensures continued growth executing our strategy to reach our goals.